St. Charles Painting & Remodeling LLC is located in St. Charles, MO and provides home improvement services to the St. Charles, Greater St. Charles, and western portions of St. Louis areas. Our home remodeling services include, but are not limited to:

Interior Painting - Exterior Painting - Drywall Repairs and Drywall Replacement - Mudding - Taping - Floating out Walls - Deck Painting and Deck Staining - Wood Staining - Brick Painting & Brick Staining - All Surface Painting - Custom Painting - Wallpaper Removal - Power Washing or Pressure Washing - Muriatic Wash - Deck and Siding Refinishing - Rotten Wood Replacement - Tile Work - Backsplash Installation - Cabinetry Work - Complete Remodeling Services - Kitchen Remodels - Bathroom Remodels - Office Remodels - Basement Remodels - Bedroom Remodels - Hardwood Floor Removal and Hardwood Floor Installation - Carpet Removal and Carpet Installation - Demolition Services - Water Damage Repair - Carpentry - Wood Working - Exterior Repair and Replacement of Siding, Roofing, Gutters and Downspouts and much more.

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